In this period of unprecedented disruption and structural reshaping of the global economy, AgRegen’s ambition is to help make the planet one where our grandchildren will want to live in.

AgRegen believes climate change is an urgent issue that creates risk for the entire world and is one we can only address if we act in advance and in solidarity.


We acquire environmentally degraded and financially distressed farmland in New Zealand, applying regenerative farming techniques to turnaround the asset.

Deliver Positive Results

Generate industry-leading positive social, ecological, greenhouse gas reduction and carbon capture impacts through land system repurposing, application of leading-edge methane reducing technology and changes to management.

Maximise Upside

By targeting financially distressed and ecologically unsustainable dairy operations, alpha can be maximised through acquisition of farmland at a “stranded price” in a market devoid of bidders, a business model that focuses on reduction of input costs and a product that has huge potential to command a price premium.

Deep Expertise

Our investment and advisory team has a unique mix and deep understanding of investor relations, ESG funds, banking strategy, regenerative farm management, freshwater and agricultural ecology. The investment team have been working together for the last 5 years.



Reduce GHG emissions and nitrate leaching

Environmentally degraded and financially distressed farmland has large scale regenerative agriculture and agroforestry management techniques applied (the AgRegen Conversion Framework) to turnaround the asset.

Mitigate ecological degradation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon, address social issues and promote healthy communities that will endure over time. This is the AgRegen way.

The AgRegen Conversion Framework THE CURRENT LANDSCAPE