We acquire environmentally degraded and financially distressed farmland in New Zealand, applying regenerative farming techniques to turnaround the asset.

AgRegen investment committee and strategic advisory panel.

Our team have the unique experience and ability to execute vision, drive value and meet the financial return as well as the environmental and social impact objectives from of a variety of investors.

AgRegen is a private sector-led initiative to deploy capital in scalable natural assets whose management and outcomes are aligned with global initiatives and agreements such as:

  • the Paris Climate Agreement,
  • the Global Climate Action Plan (GCAA) “4 per 1000” initiative,
  • the Convention of Biological Diversity, and
  • the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Edward Crawford

(Managing Partner, AgRegen)

Edward is co-founder and Managing Partner at AgRegen. He is responsible for identifying and developing investment strategies, sourcing capital, managing investor relations, coordinating the investment process, and ensuring institutional-quality monitoring and reporting. As an experienced farm owner (family farming continuously for over 105 years), bank treasurer and financial markets professional, he works closely with farmers, investors and regulators to deliver industry leading financial performance and meaningful positive climate, environmental and community impacts from large-scale investments in agriculture.

Grant McKeown

(Managing Partner, AgRegen)

Grant is a co-founder of AgRegen and manages investor and banking relationships. He brings over 20 years’ domestic and offshore banking experience to AgRegen where he has led client banking relationships, advised on debt origination and arranging in the primary and export sectors. Grant has a keen interest to channel ESG investment capital to the regenerative ag space to mitigate ecological degradation, address social issues and promote healthy communities


Dr Hugh Jellie

(Founder / CEO, Āta Regenerative, Regenerative Farming Specialist)

Hugh’s focus is on mitigating the impact of industrialised farming on the environment and communities reliant on having a healthy ecological system to protect and support them. He works with farmers and organisations to develop future-proof methods to support strong, healthy, ecological farming environments, which will be capable of producing the best food in the world. Āta Regenerative has partnered with the Savory Institute to deliver the Ecological Outcome Verification certification.

Dr Mike Joy

(Senior Researcher, Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria University, Freshwater Ecologist)

Mike’s focus is on the sustainable management and protection of New Zealand’s freshwater ecosystems. He has developed bio-assessment tools to evaluate the health of freshwater ecologies and advises on strengthening connections between science, policy and real outcomes to address the multiple environmental issues facing New Zealand.

Dan Regtein

(Managing Director, ReconAg Ltd)

Dan assists New Zealand livestock farmers produce comprehensive, insightful maps and plans to assist transitioning towards regenerative management. These maps and plans revolve around geographical data, which is essential for connecting farm managers, owners, communities and third parties to individual stories of regenerating soil, environmental health and social wealth linked to land assets. The data provided is directly measured, clear and trustworthy.

Dan is a Certified Dairy Farm Consultant through NZIPIM, holding a B.Agr.Sci (Hons) with strong technical knowledge in Dairy farming and farmecosystem management.

Shane Ward

(Founder, Action Ecology)

Shane is an AgroEcologist and regenerative land use advisor and communicator, helping connect people with knowledge. He supports farmers in seeing their landscape as a living ecosystem, and works with business, government and ordinary people to build towards a healthy, permanent, regenerative food system. He is passionate about regen-agroforestry, plant and soil ecology and sustainable food systems.

Jono Frew

(Founder of Natural Performance Limited, Co-Founder of Symbiosis, Regenerative Farming Specialist)

Jono has significant experience in the dairy, arable, sheep and beef farming sectors in New Zealand. He founded Natural Performance Ltd that provides coaching to farmers and non-farmers on the application of regenerative agriculture principles and practices. He is also Director of Symbiosis, a provider of diverse seed mixes focusing on cover crops, companion planting and zero till cultivation. Jono has a hands-on approach and is committed to empowering, educating and supporting people interested in producing nutrient dense food as well as shifting food production to be more aligned with nature.

Reduction of Total Carbon Footprint

Our targeted mitigation approaches work in unison to reduce GHG emissions and nitrate leaching. 


Investment alignment,
meaningful change and
positive results.


Generate industry-leading positive and measurable economic, social and environmental outcomes for the wider New Zealand farming and investment sectors.

Mitigate ecological degradation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon, address social issues and promote healthy communities that will endure over time.

Co-invest capital with investors to turnaround degraded land at scale that creates strong financial returns and align with investors’ personal values and risk / return objectives.